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Central New York weather inflicts a lot of wear and tear on homes. The extreme conditions during the winter month wears away at the paint's finish, and the cold weather into hot weather  causes algae and mildew to grow on the surface of the paint. The change in temperature into the winter also causes expansion and contraction in the siding, opening up many cracks, joints in the wood, and other problem areas that water may get into, if not maintained properly.

Reasons to Choose Trade- Mark

We pride ourselves in our prep work; we feel that no matter how good the paint product is, your paint job will not last if your house is not prepared properly. Our desire for such high standards leads us to assign a project manager to each job. They make sure everything runs as expected and ensure the work is done to our high standards.

We only use top of the line primers & caulk, to ensure our paint job will last for years to come in this fluctuating climate.

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